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WIND SIGN with Quick-Change frame 61'x30' (uses 28'x44' insert) Wind Sign Features: Springs connect the frame to the base allowing sign to resist strong winds and return to upright position. "Quick change" feature enables sign blanks to be changed in seconds and stay securely in place. No clips, bolts or special treatment. Sand or water fillable plastic base with (2) built-in wheels. Use maximum of 85 lbs of dry sand to the smaller Wind Sign. Use a maximum of 115 lbs of dry sand for Wind Sign II and Deluxe. Attractive plastic frame design eliminates torn miters and jammed latches. Won't rust or splinter. Two-sided (hold two signs per frame). Can accommodate coroplast, aluminum, acrylic, or any foamboard up to 3/6" thick. (sign not included) . Wind Sign Deluxe holds 28 x 44 sign blank (Sign panel has a 28 x 43-1/4 viewable area when installed). Top piece is 51"H x 30"W x 2.5"D (61"H x 30"W on base assembly)