Aluminum Big Squeegee Laminator Tool

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The Big Squeegee line of tools can replace the need for a powered
laminator in most small shops. They are a good addition to any shop,
even with a powered laminator. They make it easier to laminate small
graphics and can reduce waste by not having to change the roll in the
power laminator to do an odd job. Most small jobs can be done faster
and easier with the Big Squeegee then with a roll laminator. All Big
Squeegee tools will produce bubble and wrinkle free applications on
pressure sensitive vinyl with a minimum amount of experience. Prints do
not need to be pre-masked before application. Wet application is not
necessary and highly discouraged.

The aluminum Laminator Tool is an extruded tool that comes in the
same shape as the plastic Big Squeegee Laminator tools. It also comes
in the same sizes as the plastic tools with the addition of 14" and 20",
up to 66".

The aluminum model however, has many more amenities that are not
available in the plastic version. It has mounting rails to attach a
roll holder to keep the roll on the tool, handle hardware, and many
other attachment options such as a backing take-up spool and changeable
application edge. This tool replaces the need for all the other tools
as it will do everything that the other tools do and more.


Optional roll holder for holding rolled up materials to make them
easier to handle. This tool is used for graphics that are otherwise too
long to handle unless they are rolled up.

10" Handle

3 piece extension (26" each) with 10" Handle

2 piece extension (39" each) with 10" Handle

Bar Set for connecting 2 squeegees together