Olfa MXP-AL Die-Cast Aluminum 18mm Utility Knife

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OLFA paid meticulous attention to detail while designing the OLFA’s next flagship. The high-end X-design handle Metal Hyper PRO is a combination of the die-cast aluminium and the non-slip elastomer fiber. The entire surface hardening makes the blade channel bending strong and wear-resistant. The tough handle made of massive die-cast aluminium stands out and shows its presence in the crowd. The new X-design solid 18mm handle, powered by a chrome-plated and hardened blade channel, is in a class by itself.

The MXP-AL equips the solidly built single-piece metal Wheel Lock with a satin finished surface, which is especially designed also for visual harmony with the premium handle. It is not just the die-cast aluminium body, there is something more to it. Lanyard hole for safety net, also for hanging on the wall. The large lanyard hole fits most metal fittings, and helps increase safety awareness.

The shiny blue/black/silver package, having the background of the symbolic X-design logo, when picked up in hands, clear windows help people actually review the product inside from both sides.


  • Sturdy die-cast aluminum handle
  • Wraparound anti-slip rubber grip
  • Stainless steel blade channel
  • Convenient lanyard hole helps avoid loss
  • No tool blade change
  • Preloaded with a 18mm LBB heavy-duty ultra-sharp black snap-off blade