Croftgate USA Odor Eliminator 32 oz. Spray Bottle

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This Eco Responsible formula chemically binds and encapsulates odor causing materials, rendering them undetectable. It eradicates odors, prevents them from returning. Odor Eliminator contains a small amount of fragrance to provide a freshly cleaned scent while the product is being used. The fragrance dissipates very quickly, to prevent overpowering fragrance odor . Whether a bad odor is from; (pet waste, cigarette smoke, food, human body) Odor Eliminator will eradicate it fast!

"We have tested Odor Eliminator on every terrible smell we could, including Coyote Urine and it destroyed the smell.”

High Performance Eco-Responsible Car Care Products CROFTGATE USA PRODUCT FEATURES

• Works quickly.
• No listed hazardous materials or Petroleum distillates.
• Concentrated, a little goes a long way.
• Destroys both airborne and ingrained odors.
• No tacky residue and adds softness to treated fabrics.
• Available in small glove box bottle to keep in car & larger sizes.
• Easy to use trigger spray or pump mist application.

Recommendation For Use: For general odor removal in car: Spray a mist or two on floor mats. For odor specific areas where the cause needs to be removed: After odor causing material has been removed and cleaned, spray or mist directly onto area that was causing the bad odor.

"We strongly recommend cleaning and removing stains using our Multi Clean. Multi Clean is part of the EPA Design for the Environment program and con - sidered a safer chemical.” Use in vehicle, home or businesses, anywhere odor is a problem.