Dahle Premium Guillotines

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Dahle takes safety to a whole new level with it's line of Premium
Guillotines. Designed and engineered in Germany, these trimmers feature a
revolutionary safety guard that rotates around the cutting blade to
ensure complete protection. This guard protects your fingers from a
ground blade made of German Solingen Steel. The blade sharpens itself
with each and every cut so you're guaranteed to maintain a perfectly
honed edge. The automatic safety shield, along with the razor sharp
blade it protects you from, makes the Dahle Premium Guillotine one of
the safest, most capable trimmers ever developed. Dahle Premium
Guillotines are commercial grade, high capacity paper cutters capable of
trimming up to 35 sheets of paper at a time as well as mat board. The
automatic paper clamp provides even pressure along the entire cutting
surface and securely holds your work in place to prevent fanning.