Dahle Professional Stack Cutters

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Cutting multiple sheets of paper is easy work for a Dahle rolling
trimmer or guillotine, but when you need to cut an entire stack, there’s
no better tool then a Dahle Stack Cutter. These industrial workhorses
will give you the precision you need along with the safety you deserve.
Each cutter has built in features that will increase the efficiency of
your tasks as well as provide a safe and pleasurable cutting experience.

Dahle Professional Stack Cutters are manually operated but make
easy cutting of up to 700 sheets of paper at a time. Safety shields can
be found on either side of the cutting blade and will not allow the
blade to move while they are in the up position. Once the shields are in
place, you have the ability to cut cleanly though 200, 500, or 700
sheets of paper with very little effort. This clean, burr free cut
through such a large stack of paper is made possible through a ground
Solingen Steel blade and a paper clamp that places even pressure across
the entire cutting surface. Model 842 offers an adjustable paper guide
and models 846 and 848 feature a spindle driven, self-locking backstop
for extreme accuracy and convenience during repetitive cuts. These
cutters can be mounted on any secure table surface although the optional
floor stands are recommended for proper cutting height and leverage.