Mondo Raxx Jumbo Media Rack

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This Heavy Duty aluminum stamped design

is a proven solution for your wall rack needs. Just add

your desired length 1” diameter dowel or pipe and hang.

To mount, just select your location, use proper mounting

hardware for your needs and wall mount type

(lag bolts for stud or cement wall, etc.)

bolt the racks in place, add your desired length 1”

diameter rods, dowels or pipe and hang your rolls.

Have more than 10-rolls, just install these racks

side-by-side all the way down your wall.

• Holds 7 full rolls of Banner Material

• Add your choice of 1” diameter rod length for your roll

length needs.

• 4 Mounting holes per rack side (Left side labeled for

easy install)

• Bright Yellow with a showroom shine

• Heavy Duty aluminum for strong but lightweight and

low cost shipping.