Paintline Pro Drying Rack EX PDREX

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Our robust and expandable
Pro Drying Rack EX stretches from 20” to almost 60” in width for the
larger pieces of your project. Fifteen levels hold up to 60 lbs each.
Round, 1” diameter, removable tubes of 30” lock into place with just a
turn (no tools). If you need more than the 3” of usable space between
the levels, just remove “levels” until you have the room you need.

Clamp levers in the back easily allow
the user to expand and contract the rack before loading. With a
high-quality, all-metal build, including
fully gusseted support, reinforced bottom plate construction and powder coated finish, the Pro Drying Rack EX is a true workhorse for any cabinet or woodworking shop.