Pneumatic Grommet Machine - Stand Up Foot Press

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Both hands free so that the operator can grip the work properly. The Laser light targets the center position for accurate and easy product placement. Safety. The electric machine guard sensor stops the machine if fingers or other foreign objects interfere with the dies. There is a double-punching prevention mechanism with the foot pedal. Comfort. The efficient design allows for ease of operation. 110V Electric Power: min. 75 psi. - max. 145 psi. Compatible with any small air compressor Adjustable Table Low 30" High 42" measurements without table: 25" high 7.5" wide at the bottom base 9" wide at the top by sensor 12" deep at the base 10" deep at the top Portability. Total weight: 105 lb. - 48 kg. Ease of maintenance. Single downward mechanical motion.The simple structure minimizes trouble, and when required it is not complicated to repair or replace parts. Hold Timer. The hold timer adjusts the amount of time the dies apply pressure. Changing products is quick and easy. With the simple exchange of tooling, the compensator will automatically adjust which allows for a variety of products to be set with this one piece of equipment.