Royal Sovereign 55" Wide Format Laminator

Regular price $5,550.00

The Royal Sovereign International 55” Roll RSC-1402 Laminator can
be found in more sign & print shops than any other 55” laminator.
This versatile laminator has a 1” mounting gap and is capable of
reaching production speeds of up to 6 feet per minute. Combine the high
production speed and included Rear Rewinder to effortlessly laminate
long runs or vehicle wraps without the worry of media drifting or
dropping to the floor. Benefit from the increased stability resulting
from durable construction and dual support beams on the base. Optimized
digital controls and rear facing remote grants users the ability to Run,
Stop and Reverse the rollers from virtually any angle. The RSC-1402
is an affordable option to make a BIG impact on your finishing